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My Annual Fantasy Baseball Draft (With Some of My Strategies!)

Just finished the draft in my fantasy baseball league, it was auction style, here are the results:

Aaron’s Team
Budget $260
1. (15) Robinson Canó (Sea – 2B) $39
2. (16) Giancarlo Stanton (Mia – OF) $30
3. (18) Hisashi Iwakuma (Sea – SP) $17
4. (38) Félix Hernández (Sea – SP) $30
5. (42) Yasiel Puig (LAD – OF) $23
6. (45) José Bautista (Tor – OF) $19
7. (51) José Fernández (Mia – SP) $22
8. (53) Cliff Lee (Phi – SP) $26
9. (69) Chris Sale (CWS – SP) $23
10. (118) Greg Holland (KC – RP) $5
11. (126) Manny Machado (Bal – 3B) $6
12. (127) Jason Castro (Hou – C) $2
13. (138) Starlin Castro (ChC – SS) $2
14. (142) Billy Butler (KC – 1B) $2
15. (144) Martín Prado (Ari – 2B,3B,OF) $2
16. (145) Anthony Rizzo (ChC – 1B) $1
17. (153) Glen Perkins (Min – RP) $1
18. (161) José Abreu (CWS – 1B) $1
19. (168) Kyle Seager (Sea – 3B) $1
20. (174) Jim Johnson (Oak – RP) $1
21. (177) Dustin Ackley (Sea – 2B,OF) $2
22. (179) Salvador Pérez (KC – C) $1
23. (184) Francisco Liriano (Pit – SP) $1
24. (187) Fernando Rodney (Sea – RP) $2
25. (189) Corey Hart (Sea – 1B) $1
Unused $0


The strategy I always try is to not blow a ton of my money up front. As I guessed Trout & Cabrera were immediately the first two players nominated. And just about everyone bid for them, so I let everyone else fight over them. Did I want them? Of course, but realistically I had to think about money in the later rounds. And this being year 11 I’ve done this, I know that there will be plenty of decent picks in the later rounds.

The next strategy I used was to determine a couple or more players that I really wanted and as you can see from my list they were Felix and Cano. Because in most of your auction style fantasy baseball leagues, you really only have enough to splurge on just a couple of players. I stayed away from certain 1st baseman for instance because there are so many good players at the position. I like the potential value I get from Butler and Rizzo. And I was willing to take a flyer on Jose Abreu with him being such a relative unknown.

One of my relatively new strategies backfired on me. I used to like being the jerk that would wait until 1-3 seconds left and put in a last minute bid. Unfortunately the other teams in my league remembered this and used the strategy against me which cost me dearly in a couple of the rounds. And I made a common mistake, spent too much of my money up front and it left me having to wait until close to the end of the draft to go bargain shopping.

And of course I tried to get as many Mariners players as I could!

Granted I did get some steals (*no pun intended), one could argue that I’m taking some risks and have a few holes to fill on my roster.

Okay how do you think I did? Any recommendations? Feel free to post your results in the comments section below. Hope my strategies can help you in your leagues. Thanks for reading!


Fantasy Baseball: To Keep Or Not To Keep?

This is the time of year in the fantasy baseball season where many often ask should I trade or keep certain players, I thought I’d discuss a few..

C: Buster Posey, with there being a limited amount of players at this position that provide you offense, I would hang onto Posey because most likely if you trade or try to pick up a replacement in your league, you will be hard pressed to find someone that can match up to the offense you’d lose in Posey.

1B: Joey Votto with a plethora of 1st base options, you could go either way here, you could trade him to improve perhaps multiple positions on your team. Or you could keep him because he most likely will hit 30 home runs and drive in 100 rbis.

2B: Robinson Cano, similar to catcher you don’t have a lot of options here, again you could go either way, but I would most likely hang onto my 2nd baseman if you have one with above average offensive production. Because honestly your replacements on the waiver wire, aren’t spectacular.

3B: Miguel Cabrera, with there being a lot of options at 3rd base again you could go either way here. I don’t understand why you would want to trade Cabrera, but if you do make sure you get value for him in your leagues. If you trade him you do have some options, like a Wil Middlebrooks, or Kyle Seager for instance.

SS: Troy Tulowitski, look this is probably the toughest position to fill. And from my experience many use this position to help boost stats like stolen bases. So definitely sell here if you can. Alexei Ramirez if available could fill in just fine.

OF: Mike Trout. You have so many options here, that you shouldn’t fall in love with certain players. And the reason I say this is if you didn’t get Mike Trout in the draft don’t be upset because you have good alternative choices. Lucas Duda of the Mets and Chris Carter for instance would be just fine.

SP: Clayton Kershaw. You have to realize that you need more than 1 pitcher to do well in your leagues. Not everyone is going to get Kershaw or Verlander, and you’re gonna have to find other options. AJ Griffin and Kyle Lohse could help you with things like Wins for instance. So here’s a very good position to use one of your pitchers as a trade chip.

RP: With every team essentially having a closer you have your pick here. But here you may want to sell high, for instance if Andrew Bailey is getting saves now, I would sell! Because when Hanrahan returns Bailey will lose a lot of value. Similar to Ernesto Frieri, don’t fall in love because when Madsen returns he will be given every chance to close! Depending on the type of your league, even a miniscule stat like a hold could be so valuable. Never be afraid to acquire an 8th inning guy because you may only have 1 closer!

Fantasy Baseball

Was asked an interesting question, about whether or not you can buy into a player’s success this early in the season and in a short time span..

It’s a tough question because you could go either way. If it’s a veteran player who consistently produces than 9 times out of 10 you can buy into the player, and he will do well for your fantasy team. If it’s a relative new comer, than it’s a whole different story. Let me list a few examples:

C: Evan Gattis from the Atlanta Braves is the classic example of a player in fantasy baseball you don’t want to fall in love with. Yes if you need a short term fix sure, but you don’t want to necessarily buy into it. Why? What’s gonna happen when Brian McCann returns? Will Gattis get consistent at bats? You just can’t predict right now..

OF: Vernon Wells; classic example of a small sample size, yes the guy is doing relatively well and it’s a fresh start. Not buying it, what’s gonna happen when come June or July you throw him up against a tough pitcher like Verlander? Going by his reputation it’s hard to trust him. Maybe he will have a better season this year, who knows.

1B: Matt Adams. Yes he’s hitting over .600 with 3 home runs, but as others have stated he’s blocked at 1st base by Allen Craig, so in your traditional common fantasy baseball leagues, he’s not gonna bring you long term value.

SP: Bud Norris; classic example of pitchers can be up and down, he started the season very well, but looked terrible in his start this evening. That’s why it’s so important in fantasy baseball, to pay attention to your players’ particular match ups.

I think the lesson to take from this, is that when a player gets on a hot streak you have to ride it out in your fantasy baseball league, but don’t fall in love because that player can go cold in a hurry. Speaking of hot and cold, I urge you to please not fall for the power numbers Yuni has put up with a grand slam yesterday and home run today, it will not hold up believe me!

Just wanted to share some things I’ve learned over the years. Hope this helps!

Fantasy Baseball Draft

Just had my fantasy baseball draft that I do every year, wanted to share my results with you guys. Did I do good? How about you? Have you drafted for your upcoming fantasy baseball season? Any particular players you will look to draft or avoid?

Anyway here’s my list:

Buster Posey
Prince Fielder
Robinson Cano
Ryan Zimmerman
Starlin Castro
Adrian Gonzalez
Martin Prado
Giancarlo Stanton (*My first round pick!)
Bryce Harper
BJ Upton
Matt Holliday
Yadier Molina
Aramis Ramirez
Michael Bourn
Mark Trumbo

Felix Hernandez
CC Sabathia
Craig Kimbrel
Aroldis Chapman
Zack Greinke
Max Scherzer
Tom Wilhelmsen
Matt Moore
Roy Halladay
Jon Lester